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About the EveryDay Mathematics Program (EDM4)

     The EveryDay Mathematics Program was developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project in order to enable children in elementary grades to learn more mathematical content and become life-long mathematical thinkers. Its instructional design was carefully crafted to capitalize on student interest and maximize student learning by developing concepts and skills over time in a wide variety of contexts. Its core author team at the University of Chicago collaborated on all grade levels to provide a focused, coherent, well-articulated Pre-K - Grade 6 curriculum.

     Decades of research shows that depth of knowledge cannot be developed in a single lesson or unit - mastery requires repeated exposure to key ideas in different contexts over time. This is how children learn. It's at the heart of Everyday Mathematics and has been for over 30 years. Everyday Mathematics helps your students achieve true masterly of the PA Core Standards by continually reinforcing math concepts through concrete real-world applications and carefully constructed learning progressions.

                                                                                (from EDM4 site)

SCA Grade K-5 Parents,
Our current Math program for grades K-5th grade, “Everyday Math” , better know as EDM4, has recently undergone a necessary revision to better align the content and activities to the PA Core Standards. (Common Core) We realize that the “Core” may be relatively new to you and your students. So, we have accumulated resources to help acclimate you to EDM4. The links on the left should provide you with good resources to learn about the program, and provide ample tools to help you guide your student through the learning and practice of new math concepts throughout the school year.

SCA K-5 Math Teachers

Use the “EM Online” launch pad to the left and access the FREE RESOURCES for Parents! Here you will find explanations with example animations & videos of problem solving “algorithms” and solutions to assist your EDM4 students.