1. Brenda Monick, Dir. of C.I.T.

  2. Brian Davis, District  Tech Coordinator

  3. Jonathan Reed, District Tech Specialist

  4. Debra Taylor, Technology Assistant

  5. AnnMarie Schetroma, S.I.S. Manager

  6. Kelly Bulla, C.I.T. Office Secretary

2014-15 TLTs
  M. Gessner (K-4)
  Y. Rhodes (K-4)
   S. Pfirman  (K-4)
   V. Kozlek (K-12)
  T. Toczylousky  (5-8)
  A. Pecora  (5-8)
   T. Willams  (5-8)
   K. Vitkauskas (9-12)    
    J. Stine  (9-12)
   McCoog  (9-12)
  A. Burrell    (5-8)

2014-15 TLTs

  1. 1.  M. Gessner (K-4)

  2. 2.  Y. Rhodes (K-4)

  3. 3.   S. Pfirman  (K-4)

  4. 4.   V. Kozlek (K-12)

  5. 5.  T. Toczylousky  (5-8)

  6. 6.  A. Pecora  (5-8)

  7. 7.   T. Willams  (5-8)

  8. 8.   K. Vitkauskas (9-12)   

  9. 9.    J. Stine  (9-12)

  10. 10.   McCoog  (9-12)

  11. 11.  A. Burrell    (5-8)

What Tech Team R U on? 2014-15 TLT Teams.pdfTECH_files/2014-15%20TLT%20Teams.pdfTECH_files/2010-11%20K-12%20Tech%20Teams.pdfshapeimage_4_link_0
Our Technology Team & TLTs Are Here to SERVE YOU!

8th-12th Grade Are Going 1:1 (One-To-One) with Personalized Technology!


All 8th-12th grade students are getting a personal laptop computer! Our teaching staff will be transitioning most, if not all of their coursework resources to online! Students will use online textbooks, have access to class presentations and worksheets, and access online videos, or interactive sites to help them learn. All 8th grade students will be issued a Samsung ChromeBook, and HS students will be receiving an Acer TravelMate mini-laptop to use at school and at home. Our main goal is to provide more engaging and personalized learning experiences for students along with 24/7 access to digital resources, so learning can take place anywhere, at any time! Click HERE for more information!!

  1. iPads for Our Young Learners

  2. This school year, we are equipping each of our Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms with a dozen iPads to provide new tools for learning. These mobile tools will be used in a wide range of settings to help young students master beginning math and reading skills. They can be used individually, or students can “buddy up” and share the fun with each other. Teachers have already identified many “apps” or applications that will help facilitate collaborative learning activities to individualize learning and make it more fun, with or without a partner.