1. 2016-17 Winter Keystone Dates!

Literature - DEC 12 & 13; Testers: All 10th & 11th grade students who took the Literature Keystone in the past but has not scored proficient, or any new 11th grade students who have not taken the Literature Keystone Exam.

Biology - JAN 10 & 11;  Testers: All 11th grade students who took the Biology Keystone in the past but has not scored proficient or any new 11th grade students who have not taken the Biology Keystone Exam.

Algebra I - JAN 17 & 18;  Testers: All students grades 8th-11th who took the Algebra I Keystone in the past but has not scored proficient, or any new 11th grade students who have not taken the Algebra I Keystone Exam.


  2. WARNING!! NO DIGITAL DEVICES: Students are prohibited from having or using cell phones or any other digital recorder or camera during the test sessions. They are reminded to leave these devices in their lockers or cars. If they forget, the devices will be confiscated if brought to a test session. Harsh consequences are in place for any student using a device during testing! Please heed this warning!!

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  2. TIME: There are 2 Modules for each test, and they are scheduled during two successive mornings. These are “end-of-course” tests, and each test length is approximately 90 minutes for each module. (or 3 hours total) They are not timed, so students will have extended time until they finish. Re-testers may only need to retake ONE MODULE of the two modules if they scored proficient on the other.

  3. TESTING MODE:  Most students will be taking the Keystone Exams online, through a secure assessment portal provided by PDE, the PA Dept. of Education. The test can only be accessed from the school’s network. Some students with IEPs will use traditional paper booklet test administration.

  4. SCORES: Results for the Winter Keystone Exams will be available to the district the beginning of March 2017. Students who are not proficient will either take the exam (or just one module that they did not pass) again in the Spring 2017, or they may be candidates for participating in the Project Based Assessment (PBA), which will be instituted in the Spring, after the Keystone results are in.

  5. RETAKING EXAMS: Students who do not score proficient on a Keystone exam may retake the exam at the next available testing windows which occur each winter, spring and during the summer. Students can retake the exam as many times as needed until they are proficient. (until Spring of their 11th Grade year)

  6. INTERVENTION COURSES: Students scoring “Non-Proficient” on a Keystone Exam will be required to participate in an INTERVENTION course to assist them in improving their future performance on the next Keystone Exam. This is non-negotiable! (A State Requirement)

  7. SPP: The Keystone Exam scores from the accumulated proficiency scores will be attributed toward the districts’ SPP (School Performance Profile) status for all students during 11th grade. (scores are banked)

  8. GRADUATION REQUIREMENT! The class of 2019 (current 10th graders) will be required to PASS the 3 Keystone Exams in order to graduate. This is a state requirement. Test taken in each grade will be “banked” toward graduation requirements. There will be an option for students to enroll in a Project Based Assessment - PBA, if they meet specific requirements and are not successful on at least 2 Keystones Exam administrations. Exceptions to these requirements exist for students with I.E.P.s or other circumstances, as per the building principals decision.

    By now, all high school students are familiar with the high-stakes tests from the state called the Keystone Exams.

    There will still be updates regarding the Keystone Exams coming out from the state, so the contents of this web page represents the latest information from PDE to date. (subject to change!)

One thing for sure, the Keystone Exams are HERE TO STAY!

We will do our best to “get the word out” about the Keystones!! And, more importantly, we are committed to preparing our students to meet success on the current and future Keystone Exams!

Thank You!

SCA Administrators and Teachers


Finalized Documents:

Keystone PDL for Algebra I
Keystone PLD for Biology
Keystone PLD for Literature