1. Domain 1:  Planning and Preparation

PA Teacher 
Effectiveness System

Pennsylvania has adopted Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching as the overarching vision for effective instruction in the Commonwealth. The model focuses the complex activity of teaching by defining 4 domains of teaching responsibility. 
Click here to access “The “Framework For Teacher” and the Relationships between the 4 Domains.


Domain 2:  The Classroom Environment

  1. (A)Creating an environment of respect and rapport

  2. (B)Establishing a culture for learning

  3. (C)Managing classroom procedures

  4. (D)Managing student behavior

  5. (E)Organizing physical space

A Framework For Teaching

By: Charlotte Danielson

Domain 3:  Instruction

  1. (A)Communicating with students

  2. (B)Using questioning and discussion techniques

  3. (C)Engaging students in learning

  4. (D)Using assessment in instruction

  5. (E)Demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness

Domain 4:  Professional Responsibilities

  1. (A)Reflecting on teaching

  2. (B)Maintaining accurate records

  3. (C)Communicating with families

  4. (D)Participating in a professional community

  5. (E)Growing and developing professionally

  6. (F)Showing professionalism   

You can learn more with the self-paced courses on the SAS Teaching Frame-works: Click this link to access SAS’s Charlotte Danielson: The Framework for Teaching Online Courses. These courses are available for Act 48 credits.

  1. SCA will be incorporating the use of an online tool from EduLink , called PA-ETEP to assist with gathering classroom evidence during observations and track all communication in the required “Teacher Effectiveness“ process. You can see a 10 minute video about how it can be used to improve the process.

PDE has partnered with Teachscape to provide online professional development for all teachers in the state. You can access the Teachscape Framework Series online training and receive Act 48 credit. You will be transferred to Teachscape along with your SAS user information and PPID. It is required that all PA teachers complete the Teachscape tutorial.